Beatus Flaschen-Dispenser 0.5-5ml


Beatus Flaschen-Dispenser mit Rezirkulationsventil 0.5-5ml

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Beatus Flaschen-Dispenser mit Rezirkulationsventil 0.5-5ml


Beatus Bottle Top Dispenser 
With Re-Circulation Valve

Beatus is the next generation of highly robust and reliable dispensing, designed and developed by strong R&D. Several unique features provided in Beatus, makes it usable with a wider range of reagents with high precision and accuracy. Beatus has re-circulation valve for-re-directing the liquid into the bottle for bubble free dispensing without and loss of reagent. Special emphasis has been given to ensure smooth & soft plunger operation and ease of working in demanding laboratory conditions. 


  • Fully Autoclavable
    at 121°C, 15psi. for 10 – 15 mins.
  • Re-Circulation Valve 
    Prevents loss of reagent during purging.
  • Adjustable delivery nozzle 
    Adjustable delivery nozzle to facilitate dispensing ease in all demanding laboratory conditions.
  • Specially designed volume adjustment knob
    180° Rotation for easy & effortless volume setting.
  • 360° Rotation
    Specially designed adapter allows 360° rotation, providing full flexibility in working.
  • Springless valve
    Specially designed, springless PTFE valve manifold ensures high chemical compatibility and jamming free valve functioning.
  • Unique Piston
    PTFE piston with ETP O-Ring ensures very high chemical compatibility & wiper line smooth, effortless piston movement.
  • Adaptors
    Adaptors to fit most of the laboratory reagent bottles are provided in the following size: 28, 30, 32, 36, 40 & 45 mm.
  • Calibration
    Specially designed calibration tool is provided for convenient and quick in-lab user re-calibartion. This is in compliance with GLO/ISO norms.

Component Description

Component Description
Piston PTFE & ETP
Cylinder Borosilicate Glass
Volume Adjustment Knop PP. 180° Rotation
Valve Housing PFA
Re-Circulation Valve Housing PFA
Valve Assembly Borosilicate Glass Ball & Seat
Discharge Assembly PTFE
Delivery Tube FEP
Inlet Tube FEP
Calibration Individual calibrated and certified. In-lab easy Calibration by the user is also possible.
Accuracy & Reproducibility In accordance with ISO 8655 standards.
Compatibility Excellent compatibility with all reagents except HF


Increment 0.1ml  
Accuracy ±% 0.6
  ± ml 0,030
CV ± % 0.2
  ±ml 0.010

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